Colors of Gold and Jewelry Design

In 1982, when I started Diamonds, Pearls & Jade, many of my customers wanted yellow gold jewelry. Back then, an occasional customer over 60 would ask about white gold, which wasn't popular at the time. This quickly changed. By the 1990s, my young customers wanted all their jewelry in white gold. The trend was so strong, I decided to change the setting of my most important diamond ring, one I designed in 1986, from 18K yellow gold to 18K white gold. The new look made me feel younger.

Today, yellow gold is once again popular, but I am not changing the setting: white gold is still in fashion. Amazingly, today, some of my customers order their engagement rings in rose (pink) gold which looks really pretty when the design and the center gemstone accentuate the warm feeling of rose gold. While color remains your individual preference, I would suggest being flexible with your tastes. Doing so will help you to create wider assortment of personal jewelry. You might want to think of it as diversifying your portfolio. When we custom design a piece of jewelry, we take many factors into account. The most important is to keep your jewelry design timeless and classic. A classic look is always in style, over trendy jewelry, which can become outdated. A timeless, unique, and custom designed piece of jewelry could be made in any color of gold and platinum. Don't hesitate to wear white and yellow gold or white and rose gold simultaneously.

We suggest you stay away from mass produced pieces -- this will increase the value of your jewelry. Whatever you choose should include traditional design elements, to assure the timelessness of the piece. At Diamonds, Pearls and Jade we work in white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum. The choice is always yours and we will be happy to make recommendations, which highly depend on the gemstone you wish to set. If you like an Art Deco and vintage jewelry look, you may consider white gold and platinum; however, many famous jewels were commissioned in yellow gold and pastel rose gold.

My designs were recognized with 3 international awards. I hope you come see our unique jewelry. It is not available elsewhere. We'll be happy to design or redesign your most special ring or necklace at the most competitive price. Please call 614.457.0569 and set up a personal appointment.

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