Easy Guide to Pearl Care

  1. Don't store your pearls in a safety deposit box or other airtight container for longer than a few weeks. Pearls need to absorb oxygen and moisture from the air to prevent drying out, cracking, and discoloration.
  2. Don't store them in direct contact with metal and stone jewelry or sharp objects that can scratch or chip the pearls.
  3. Don't use any commercial jewelry cleaners, rouge cloths or ultrasonic cleaners. Likewise, put your pearls on AFTER you have used your hairspray, perfume, etc. The chemicals in these products can dry out or clog the surface of pearls.
  4. Don't wear your pearls in the shower or swimming, and don't wash them with soap and water. The silk on which they are strung becomes very weak when wet.
  5. Do remove body oil and perspiration residue from the pearls after wearing by gently polishing them with a soft clean cloth. An old piece of flannel works very well.
  6. Do keep your pearls insured and keep the appraisal updated. Pearls go up in value rapidly.
  7. Do be gentle with the clasp. Gold is a soft metal. When you use pearl enhancer, be careful when putting it on to avoid scratching or chipping.
  8. Do have your pearls professionally cleaned and reknotted every 6 to 12 months to maintain a good appearance and to avoid breakage. Make sure the jeweler providing this service specializes in pearls.

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