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Pearls and Pearl Enhancers

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We are proud to maintain one of the most extensive collections of pearls in the Midwest. From loose beads to exquisite centerpieces, our pearls come in every color, shape, and size. Interested in a custom jewelry design and can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Make an individual appointment and you’ll be working directly with the owners to insure your piece is made to your precise specifications.

Our jewelry store first opened in Columbus in 1982 and our unique business model can save you 60% off retail pearl prices and even more on in-stock items!

Designs by Sophia, large blue topaz pendant shown on white pearls accented with diamonds and 14k gold
Designs by Sophia, custom-designed, emerald and diamond pendant pearl enhancer
Custom-designed, One-of-a-kind, Designs by Sophia, Tahitian mabe blister pearl pendant
Custom-designed, Designs by Sophia, natural Tahitian mabe pearl enhancer with two side rings

Black mabe pearl pendant, black mother-of-pearl ring, and black Tahitian pearls
Strands of pearls in black, pink, peach, gold, & mauve- available for custom necklaces and bracelets
Strands of pearls in various shades of black and gray, available for custom necklaces and bracelets
Custom-designed, white pearl necklace accented with silver or gold rondelles- custom lengths available

Custom-designed, light pink pearl pendant on silver chain- available with white or black pearl
Custom-designed mabe, multi-strand pearl choker necklace
Fancy cut, Designs by Sophia, color change mystic topaz pendant shown on pearls and earring
Black pearl necklace, custom-designed, Designs by Sophia, accented by silver or gold rondelles

Custom-designed classic black pearl necklace with mauve and pink overtones
Custom-designed classic two strand peach and pink pearl necklace
Custom-designed multi-color pearl necklace featuring mauve, gold, peach and pink pearls
Custom-designed multi-color pearl bracelet featuring gold, pink, mauve and white colored pearls

Custom-designed pink pearl necklace with excellent luster, surface, and silver overtones
Custom-designed pink and mauve pearl bracelet shows excellent surface, luster, and make
Custom-designed light golden pearl necklace shows excellent quality pearls with high luster
Custom-designed classic silver and white pearl bracelet featuring high quality pearls

Designs by Sophia, in rare black opal pendant or pearl enhancer set in 24k gold
Designs by Sophia 6.60 carats of rubies and diamonds shown as pearl enhancer
Custom-designed black pearls accented with silver or rondellews
Custom-designed fancy cut red garnet pendant in silver or gold, can be used as a pearl enhancer

Custom-designed, Designs by Sophia, two-tone diamond butterfly pendant, brooch, or pearl enhancer
Custom designed, blue sapphire and diamond pearl pendant, shown as pearl enhancer
Designs by Sophia, 6.60 carats of emeralds accented by diamonds pendant/pearl enhancer, custom designed
Custom designed, exquisite blue sapphire pendant can be made into any necklace or pearl enhancer

Custom designed, Designs by Sophia, color change mystic topaz pendant
Designs by Sophia in two-tone gold and fancy cut sapphire pearl enhancer or pendant
Custom-designed, Designs by Sophia emerald and ruby pendants or pearl enhancers
Custom-designed, gray mabe pearl pendant and ring with silver and pink overtones

Custom-designed, black pearl ring with pink and mauve overtones
Custom-designed, striking emerald pendant can be converted into pearl enhancer
Custom-designed, golden, peach, and white pearls are enhanced with fine amethyst
Unique, Designs by Sophia, gray and mauve blister mabe pearl, custom-designed

Custom-designed natural black mabe blister pearl ring accented with diamonds, one-of-a-kind, Designs by Sophia
Custom-designed sapphire pearl enhancer pendant, Tanzanite with diamonds, sapphire pendant
Custom-designed black pearls with pink and purple overtones, excellent luster and surface
Custom-designed silver and gray pearl necklace with excellent luster and surface

Custom-designed classic white pearl necklace with excellent luster, and silver and pink overtones
Custom-designed three strand pearl bracelet
Custom-designed three strand pearl bracelet
Custom-designed classic two strand pearl necklace

Custom-designed classic white pearl necklace with strong pink overtones
Designs by Sophia, intricate diamond pearl enhancer, custom-designed
Custom designed silver and gray hoop earrings, available with amethyst, red coral, black pearl, Designs by Sophia
Custom black hoop pearl earring accented with black pearl- also in white or gray

Custom-designed dark gray hoop earring with bluish overtones
Pink pearl earring studs. Classic and timeless for any occasion
Custom-designed multi-color pearl bracelet
Custom-designed white pearl set in 14k gold and intricate antique silver pendant

Dangle pearl earrings set in an intricate silver design, accented with 14k gold
Black pearl stud earring
White pearl stud earrings
White pearl and silver bracelet
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